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Earth Prayer
Earth Prayer Amazonite with black tourmaline, aquamarine, apatite and citrine. The toggle clasp is ..
Harvest Green and spotted chalcedony, freshwater pearls and garnets are hand-knotted with a Moretti..
Peridot Pleasure
Peridot Pleasure Little rectangles of peridot are hand-knotted with Chinese rose beads and crysta..
African Rosary
African Rosary It isn't often that one comes across enough old padre beads at one time to make a ro..
Danse Rouge
Danse Rouge Cranberry colored fresh water keishi and potato pearls are hand-knotted with irradiat..
Elissar An antique Venetian glass millifiori pendant is hand-knotted with antique yellow and transl..
Glamour Fan
Glamour Fan Large garnet pebbles and cranberry freshwater pearls are hand-knotted onto a fan pend..
Amethyst A vintage look with hand-faceted amethyst beads and a hand-carved amethyst pendant. They a..
Amethyst & Pearls
Amethyst & Pearls Amethyst nuggets, freshwater pearls, silver-lined glass and faceted crystal..
Ammonite Chocolate freshwater pearls and rutilated quartz are hand-knotted with an ammonite penda..
Autumn The colors of autumn leaves are reflected in banded Mexican onyx, brecciated jasper and bron..
Autumn African carnelian, matte finish onyx and green aventurine dog bones are hand-knotted with ..
Cleopatra Five graduated strands of fluorite triangle and square beads are hand-knotted with peac..
Good Fortune
Good Fortune A carved jasper Dzi bead is hand-knotted with faceted agate, dark green coin pearls ..
Green Valentine
Green Valentine A Moretti 24kt white gold fiorato heart bead serves as the centerpiece of a necklac..
Leona Malachite disc beads are hand-knotted with brown sand-cast beads from Ghana with a white and ..
Millifiori & Pearl
Millifiori & Pearl Antique Constantini watermelon chevron millifiori beads are hand-knotted w..
Moonstone & Pearl
Moonstone & Pearl Assorted colors of moonstone are hand-knotted with peach potato pearls and pe..
Opal Elegance
Opal Elegance Australian black rainbow opals and citrine teardrop beads are hand-knotted with 14kt ..
Patrician Purple
Patrician Purple Purple was the color ancient Romans reserved for senators and the nobility. Chev..
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts Break every Heart! Leopardskin jasper, garnet and amethyst are hand-knotted with ..
Radiant Lapis briolettes are hand-knotted with Moretti 24kt gold foil Deco beads and unusual red an..
Serpentine Rectangular and square serpentine beads are hand-knotted with goldenrod confetti beads..
Solar Quartz & Aquamarine
Solar Quartz & Aquamarine Beautiful slices of solar quartz are hand-knotted with faceted aqua..
Sunshine Perfect for Summer! Airy, elegant jonquil-colored quartz points are hand-knotted with p..

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