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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have a shop?

A. You're in it! This is my shop. beadbear.com has been on the Web since 1998.

A.R.T. Precious Collectible Jewelry is back home in beautiful New Orleans. We had to relocate to North Carolina due to Hurricane Katrina (The Storm, as it's called here in NOLA), but we're where we belong again!

Q. Can you send me a catalog?

A. The entire inventory is on the website. When you buy a piece, it is taken off the menu. Items made with antique beads are one of a kind, so a paper catalog would quickly be out of date.

Q. Do you wholesale jewelry, beads, gems, findings, etc.?

A. Wholesale orders are for finished jewelry only. I am not a supplier of beads, findings or supplies. Please send copy of your tax I.D. Include Purchase Order Number on company letterhead. Minimum wholesale order 12 items. I will verify your order by telephone. The jewelry at A.R.T. Precious Collectible Jewelry is already priced far below comparable pieces in jewelry stores; wholesale discount is 30%.

Q. Do you make custom designs?

A. Yes, with limitations. I have a huge supply of beads, but maybe not the exact ones that your Aunt Tilly used to have. I work with quality glass beads, gem beads, pearls, gold and silver. No plastic, wood, fimo, etc. Send inquiries through the Contact Form.

Q. Where do you get your beads?

A. I have collected antique glass beads and unusual beads of all kinds from around the world for over thirty years. I get many of my antique African trade beads directly from traders in Africa.

A search on the web will turn up lots of sites selling strands of beads. Prices vary widely, so educate yourself about the beads you are seeking before spending too much.

Q. Do you sell loose beads?

A. Sorry, no.

Q. I have some beads. What are they and what are they worth?

A. That can be a very tough question to answer without actually examining them. However, if you can email a good color picture (a flatbed scanner takes good pictures of beads; it's what I use) to beadbear@beadbear.com then I will help if I can.

Q. Can you repair broken necklaces?

A. Of course. See Returns & Repairs

Q. Can you string some beads/pearls that I have?

A. Yes, I can. See Returns & Repairs

Q. Do you ship outside the USA?

A. We can ship anywhere in the United States or Canada. To enquire about shipping to other countries, go to the Contact Us page and ask about availability and charges.
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