Pearls are for any occasion. Freshwater pearls accented with Venetian glass and gemstones make beautiful elegant necklaces.

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Black & Gold Pearl & Crystal Set
Black & Gold Pearl & Crystal Set Black peacock coin and off-round freshwater pearls are h..
Black Pearl & Crystal
Black Pearl & Crystal 8-9mm black peacock freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with crystal acc..
Pearl & Pyrite
Pearl & Pyrite Wear over your favorite sweater for cool weather glamour! 10-11mm white freshw..
Pink Pearl & Crystal
Pink Pearl & Crystal 9-10mm blush freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with crystal accents. Th..
White Pearl & Crystal
White Pearl & Crystal 9-10mm white freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with crystal accents. T..
Tortoise Shell  & Pearl
Tortoise Shell & Pearl Rare and unusual vintage tortoise shell beads are hand-knotted with ol..
Trio II Citrine
Trio 2 Citrine Faceted citrine briolettes are the accent gems hand-knotted with olive green fresh..
Harvest Green and spotted chalcedony, freshwater pearls and garnets are hand-knotted with a Moretti..
Iolite & Pearl
Iolite & Pearl Chocolate freshwater pearls and are hand-knotted with an iolite pendant and io..
Sun Moon & Stars Lariat Set
Sun Moon & Stars A hand-knotted lariat with beautiful slices of solar quartz and hand-cut rai..
Danse Rouge
Danse Rouge Cranberry colored fresh water keishi and potato pearls are hand-knotted with irradiat..
Glamour Fan
Glamour Fan Large garnet pebbles and cranberry freshwater pearls are hand-knotted onto a fan pend..
Amazonite & Pearl
Amazonite & Pearl 9-11mm copper-colored freshwater potato pearls are hand-knotted with an amazo..
Amethyst & Pearls
Amethyst & Pearls Amethyst nuggets, freshwater pearls, silver-lined glass and faceted crystal..
Ammonite Chocolate freshwater pearls and rutilated quartz are hand-knotted with an ammonite penda..
Garnet Fun
Garnet Fun Raw garnets and ivory freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with silver-wrapped irradiated ..
Good Fortune
Good Fortune A carved jasper Dzi bead is hand-knotted with faceted agate, dark green coin pearls ..
Moonstone & Pearl
Moonstone & Pearl Assorted colors of moonstone are hand-knotted with peach potato pearls and pe..
Perles de Lis
Perles de Lis Unusual 19×12mm champagne-colored freshwater globular coin pearls are hand-knotted ..
Radiance Ivory freshwater potato pearls, graduated faceted citrine drops, crystal and solar quart..
Rhodochrosite & Pearl
Rhodochrosite & Pearl Nuggets of rhodochrosite are hand-knotted with coin and potato freshwater..
Sunshine Perfect for Summer! Airy, elegant jonquil-colored quartz points are hand-knotted with p..
Tourmaline & Pearl
Tourmaline & Pearls All the colors of tourmaline are reflected in these briolette and rectang..
Rule the World The Empress series is based on a necklace that I saw in a portrait of Catherine th..

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