A.R.T. Precious Collectible Jewelry
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Frigga Feel like the Queen of Asgard Faceted nuggets of labradorite are hand-knotted with black p..
Malkia Malkia is the Swahili word for Queen or Royal Consort. Antique Venetian glass king beads,..
Cloisonné Snuff Bottle Necklace
Antique Snuff Bottle 19th century Chinese 11kt gold cloisonné snuff bottle is hand-knotted with c..
Green Dream
Green Dream Natural slices of chrome diopside and 3mm chrome diopside beads are hand-knotted with..
Azure Reverie
Azure Reverie Brazilian sapphires and emeralds are hand-knotted with unique artisan glass beads. ..
Solar Quartz & Aquamarine
Solar Quartz & Aquamarine Beautiful slices of solar quartz are hand-knotted with faceted aqua..
True Blue
True Blue Brazilian sapphires are hand-knotted with crystal beads, Grace lampwork beads and faceted..
Vizir Antique Tuareg coin-silver pendant is surrounded with vintage Bohemian glass padre beads, g..
Beloved Ruby-in-fuchsite and ruby beads are hand-knotted together. They are accented with 14⁄20&n..
Shakti Micro-faceted Chinese turquoise, Indian and Brazilian rubies, Brazilian micro-faceted olivin..
Miró Otoño
Miró Otoño This piece is inspired by my favorite Joan Miró painting 'Inverted'. Perlavita 24kt gold..
Desdemona Feel passionate and alluring wearing hand-carved rose quartz leaves and faceted smoky q..
Emerald Hand-faceted emerald beads are hand-knotted with 14kt gold round beads. The emerald penda..

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