One-of -a-kind necklace sets with matching earrings or matching bracelet.

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Mermaid Turquoise, garnet, citrine and rhodochrosite are hand-knotted together with a turquoise pen..
Watermelon Tourmaline & Pearls
Watermelon Tourmaline & Pearl Set Watermelon tourmaline and 9mm blush freshwater pearls are h..
Harvest Green and spotted chalcedony, freshwater pearls and garnets are hand-knotted with a Moret..
Peridot Pleasure
Peridot Pleasure Little rectangles of peridot are hand-knotted with Chinese rose beads and crysta..
Cleopatra Five graduated strands of fluorite triangle and square beads are hand-knotted with peac..
Opal Elegance
Opal Elegance Australian black rainbow opals and citrine teardrop beads are hand-knotted with 14k..
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts Break every Heart! Leopardskin jasper, garnet and amethyst are hand-knotted with ..
Rule the World The Empress series is based on a necklace that I saw in a portrait of Catherine th..

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