All bracelet lengths given are for the gemstone strands. The clasp adds about ½ inch. For example, a 7 inch bracelet has a total length of 7½ inches.

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Apatite & Pearl
Apatite & Pearl Raw apatite nuggets are hand-knotted with butterscotch colored freshwater pea..
Blue Elbow & Pearl
Blue Elbow & Pearl Blue Murano 24kt gold-foil elbow bead is hand-knotted with silver-gray pea..
Green Elbow Bead & Pearl
Green Elbow Bead & Pearls Green Murano 24kt gold foil elbow bead is hand-knotted with peach s..
Leopard Jasper & Pearls
Leopard Jasper & Pearls Squares of leopard jasper and chocolate freshwater pearls are hand-knot..
Millifiori & Pearl
Millifiori & Pearl Rare Constantini millifiori chevron beads are hand-knotted with peacock gree..
Pearl Medley
Pearl Medley White, gold, black peacock, chocolate and blush freshwater pearls are hand-knotted ont..
Red Elbow & Pearl
Red Elbow & Pearl Red Murano 24kt gold-foil elbow bead is hand-knotted with gold fresh water ..

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