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Carnival Time
Carnival Time Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold are reflected in the soft stripes of the ..
True Heart
True Heart Pear shaped rhodonite (known for its powerful vibrations of pure love) and irregular mau..
Trio II Citrine
Trio 2 Citrine Faceted citrine briolettes are the accent gems hand-knotted with olive green fresh..
Crystal & Pearl Etude
Crystal & Pearl Etude Quartz nuggets, ivory free-form freshwater pearls and champagne faceted c..
Harvest Green and spotted chalcedony, freshwater pearls and garnets are hand-knotted with a Moretti..
Danse Rouge
Danse Rouge Cranberry colored fresh water keishi and potato pearls are hand-knotted with irradiat..
Amazonite & Pearl
Amazonite & Pearl 9-11mm copper-colored freshwater potato pearls are hand-knotted with an amazo..
Amber Glass Elbow Bracelet
Amber Glass Elbow Bracelet Murano amber glass 24kt gold-foil elbow bead hand-knotted with gray pe..
Ammonite Chocolate freshwater pearls and rutilated quartz are hand-knotted with an ammonite penda..
Apatite & Pearl
Apatite & Pearl Raw apatite nuggets are hand-knotted with butterscotch colored freshwater pea..
Bessie Smith
Bessie Smith Inspired by the impeccable style and voice of Bessie Smith, my all time favorite blu..
Black & Gold
Black & Gold/h2> 9mm off-round white freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with 6mm gold freshwa..
Black & White
Black & White White and black peacock potato pearls are hand-knotted onto a silver clasp. Leng..
Blue Elbow & Pearl
Blue Elbow & Pearl Blue Murano 24kt gold-foil elbow bead is hand-knotted with silver-gray pea..
Cleopatra Five graduated strands of fluorite triangle and square beads are hand-knotted with peac..
Garnet & Pearl
Garnet & Pearl Raw garnet nuggets are hand-knotted with cranberry freshwater pearls. The clasp ..
Garnet Fun
Garnet Fun Raw garnets and ivory freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with silver-wrapped irradiated ..
Good Fortune
Good Fortune A carved jasper Dzi bead is hand-knotted with faceted agate, dark green coin pearls ..
Green Elbow Bead & Pearl
Green Elbow Bead & Pearls Green Murano 24kt gold foil elbow bead is hand-knotted with peach s..
Hatshepsut Drops of red and blue iolite are hand-knotted with iridescent peacock black freshwater..
Klimt Heart
Klimt Heart Klimt beads were created to honor the visual artist Gustav Klimt. This Murano 24kt gold..
Leopard Jasper & Pearls
Leopard Jasper & Pearls Squares of leopard jasper and chocolate freshwater pearls are hand-knot..
Pearl & Blue Lace Agate
Pearl & Blue Lace Agate Black peacock freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with a blue lace agate..
Pearl & Rhodochrosite
Pearl & Rhodochrosite Black peacock and blush freshwater pearls are hand-knotted with rhodochro..
Pearl Medley
Pearl Medley White, gold, black peacock, chocolate and blush freshwater pearls are hand-knotted ont..
Perles de Lis
Perles de Lis Unusual 19×12mm champagne-colored freshwater globular coin pearls are hand-knotted ..
Radiance Ivory freshwater potato pearls, graduated faceted citrine drops, crystal and solar quart..
Red Elbow & Pearl
Red Elbow & Pearl Red Murano 24kt gold-foil elbow bead is hand-knotted with gold fresh water ..
Sunshine Perfect for Summer! Airy, elegant jonquil-colored quartz points are hand-knotted with p..
Tourmaline & Pearl
Tourmaline & Pearls All the colors of tourmaline are reflected in these briolette and rectang..
Rule the World The Empress series is based on a necklace that I saw in a portrait of Catherine th..

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