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Lariats are my signature pieces.

I design them with pearls or other gemstones. Lariats are an American jewelry invention. A lariat is a long usually single strand necklace, that does not have a clasp.

Initially popular in the late 1800's during the Art Nouveau Period, they reached their zenith during the Roaring 20's. It was said that Zelda Fitzgerald had a pearl lariat that was one hundred feet long. They were testaments to the American belief that ”anything worth doing was worth overdoing”.

In the years that followed, they fell out of favor because of the Great Depression. However, I believe that in moderation, they are the most versatile piece of jewelry a woman could possess. Initially, lariats were only a few feet long. However, if the length of the lariat equals the height of the wearer, it is the perfect length to be worn a variety of ways around the neck as well as around the waist.

Depending upon how it is wrapped around the neck, an outfit can look casual, business-like or dressy. A woman could conceivably wear her lariat from work to a cocktail party, and still be perfectly attired!

If you halve it, and then slip the ends through the loop, and let them dangle to the right or the left, the look is quite sporty and casual. Wrapped twice around the neck and knotted in the middle you achieve a sophisticated image. Untied, and worn under the collar of a jacket, makes a powerful statement. Draped around the neck, and tied loosely below the bust, lends a dazzling appearance to an evening gown. Equally effective, is to drape it so that the ends fall down the back. A most alluring look with backless gowns and cocktail dresses. And of course, tied like a belt around the waist, elegant with a sweater dress, tied loosely and draped over the hips, is downright sexy. You'll look like a goddess!

Wear your beads in good fortune!

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