About beadbear.com

Anne Renée Timmons-Harris has collected glass beads and unusual ornaments of all kinds from around the world for over thirty years.

Anne has won numerous awards for her unique jewelry designs. Lapidary Journal Magazine has published her articles on pearl stringing, for which she received an Alpha Award in 2000 for Fashion in Education.

She uses antique and contemporary Venetian, French, Dutch, Bohemian and Turkish glass beads. Precious and semi-precious gemstones, gold and/or silver are used to accent. The accent beads are gold (14, 18 or 22 karat), silver or vermeil which is sterling silver uniformly electroplated with 1 micron of l8 karat or 22 karat gold.

Each bead is individually knotted by hand into place. Hand-knotting gives a more fluid feel to the necklace,and is more secure. Anne uses braided kevlar, linen or silk for maximum strength and durability.

Anne has continued to expand her knowledge with courses from the Gemological Institute of America. Quality craftsmanship distinguishes her work from the rest.

"I see both antique and contemporary beads as links to past artisans, traders and royalty. Beads are works of art that will last into the millennium. Beads and jewelry reflect where we are today, what we were, and who we will become. One cannot ignore the thread of history, for like a broken strand of beads, the result would be chaos."